So, has it really been five years since I’ve posted on here?

By | October 7, 2017
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If you’re reading this, HELLO!

It looks like its been nearly five years since I last posted an update on this blog, and by that I mean a real blog update.

I’ve updated the theme, reinstalled WordPress and transferred the site to new hosting in that time, and i’ve occasionally updates some of the pages, but other than that, nothing much.

More recently I have added an SSL certificate, so the site runs on https, and with the server move i’ve also dropped the /blog from all URLs. In theory though all old legacy links you have in bookmarks or are elsewhere on the internet should still work and redirect you to the updated version using what is called a 301 wildcard redirect.

I have now added something called “Facebook Instant Articles”, which you’ll see this post in if you’re reading this via the Facebook app on a mobile or tablet device. Basically what that is is a cached version of this blog entry which is designed to load up really fast.

I’m going to update some of the pages on here, and try and write more – hopefully.

Unfortunately what’s kept me busy has been some of my other projects, specifically around social media which have grown massively. To put it into perspective, in July 2012 I had about 400 people liking and following social media accounts for the projects I had at the time, plus personal accounts, whereas now, including these newer projects, it’s more like over 400,000, and the vast majority of them are local people. I also run a news publishing website, with journalists and columnists who produce their own content.

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