My Conservative-Liberal Democrat Government – Cabinet Ministers

By | May 11, 2010
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Time for my first blog post of 2010 – yes, i know its May!

Well, we’ve had the election, got a Hung parliament and there’s been negotiations between Labour and the Liberal Democrats which are more-or-less dead in the water now, and between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats which appear to be imminentlycoming to a conclusion.  Sources say that the Liberal Democrats have been offered 6 positions in the Labour-Liberal Democrat Cabinet.

Here’s my cabinet as I think it will be (well part of it anyway):

  • Prime Minister – David Cameron
  • Deputy Prime Minister – Nick Clegg
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer – Vince Cable
  • Home Secretary – Chris Hulne
  • Transport Secretary – Julie Goldsworthy ?
  • The rest will be more or less the same as the Conservative shadow cabinet with the exception of at least one more cabinet position for the Liberal Democrats.

Hopefully my cabinet above is accurate – only time will tell!

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