Does Google AdSense make sense?

By | January 28, 2012
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You may or may not have noticed that I have changed the advertising on the blog.

I have decided to replace the previous adverts for 123-REG and UK Scouting with new Google AdSense adverts. I use them on Scout Forum UK and have tinkered with one a few times on here too.

The main banner space at the top of the page has been increased in size to accommodate larger banners which is for an initial trial period – it may stay that size or be made smaller again – so in order to accommodate this, ive increased the width of the page.

On the right sidebar I have replaced the square banner and skyscraper spaces with a large wider skyscraper. There is also space for me to add further smaller banners there in the future.

You may be wondering why I have advertising on my blog. I am always looking at ways to reduce the cost involved in my blog – the domain names and the hosting all cost money – so by placing adverts on my blog it will generate a small amount of income for me.

One benefit of AdSense is that I can control everything via my Google AdSense account. Another is that I do not have to look for advertisers. I have requested to personally review every advert that will appear on my blog, although not until my request has been approved by Google.

At the end of the trial period I will review the advertising on my blog and decide if I want to continue with it as it is, or change it.

By clicking on these adverts you will help keep this blog going and once all costs are covered any profits will go to a local charity of my choice.

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