Does Google AdSense make sense?

You may or may not have noticed that I have changed the advertising on the blog.

I have decided to replace the previous adverts for 123-REG and UK Scouting with new Google AdSense adverts. I use them on Scout Forum UK and have tinkered with one a few times on here too.

The main banner space at the top of the page has been increased in size to accommodate larger banners which is for an initial trial period – it may stay that size or be made smaller again – so in order to accommodate this, ive increased the width of the page.

On the right sidebar I have replaced the square banner and skyscraper spaces with a large wider skyscraper. There is also space for me to add further smaller banners there in the future.

You may be wondering why I have advertising on my blog. I am always looking at ways to reduce the cost involved in my blog – the domain names and the hosting all cost money – so by placing adverts on my blog it will generate a small amount of income for me.

One benefit of AdSense is that I can control everything via my Google AdSense account. Another is that I do not have to look for advertisers. I have requested to personally review every advert that will appear on my blog, although not until my request has been approved by Google.

At the end of the trial period I will review the advertising on my blog and decide if I want to continue with it as it is, or change it.

By clicking on these adverts you will help keep this blog going and once all costs are covered any profits will go to a local charity of my choice.

FOR SALE – Durham Tees Valley Airport

Who wants to buy an Airport?

Durham Tees Valley Airport has been put up for sale.

Peel Airports Limited has announced it is to sell its majority shareholding that it holds in the airport, based in County Durham.

It said the airport “no longer fits within the company’s strategic plans for its portfolio of airports”.

Peel Airports owns 75% of Durham Tees Valley Airport. Six local authorities have owned the remaining 25% since 2003.

‘Key thing’

The airport will continue to operate as normal during this process for passengers due to travel over the coming weeks and employees based there.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The key thing about the future of Durham Tees Valley Airport, which is a vital airport, is not necessarily who owns it, but is it being invested in? Is it being expanded? Is it working well? That is the key question.”

The Conservative MP for Stockton South James Wharton, who has campaigned to see the airport’s future secured, has already discussed the situation with Transport Minister Theresa Villiers.

Mr Wharton said: “I have explained to Theresa Villiers the importance of Teesside airport to our sub-regional economy and my concerns about any sale that could eventually lead to closure.

“She, and the Department for Transport, are now aware of the situation and will be following matters closely.

“It is time for new investment and for the future success of this important facility to be taken seriously.”

‘Significant impact’

Middleton-St-George Councillor Doris Jones said: “People want to see a vibrant and successful airport and will be worried that it could become an industrial estate or even housing.

“We need urgent assurances that this is not going to happen.

“What happens to this airport has a significant impact in Middleton-St-George, we need to ensure things are handled in the right way to protect residents and the economy in this part of the region.”

PricewaterhouseCoopers (trading as PwC) have been appointed to actively seek a buyer for the 75% of the shares and to oversee any subsequent sale process.

More Trouble at Durham Tees Valley Airport

You may remember my post on 16th August entitled Trouble at Durham Tees Valley Airport.

Well, things have got worse. Below is the todays arrivals board taken from the airports own arrivals board at:

Flight No. From      Scheduled Expected Status
KL1537     Amsterdam 16:35     16:30    Estimated
T3587      Aberdeen  17:10     17:10
T3589      Aberdeen  20:45     20:45
KL1539     Amsterdam 21:45     21:45
T3581      Aberdeen  09:20     09:20
KL1533     Amsterdam 10:20     10:20
T3585      Aberdeen  14:10     14:10

Yes, you can only fly to and from Aberdeen and Amsterdam. A weekly flight to Palma operates weekly in the summer. Theres now no flights to and from Southampton.

Its also on the news today that Customs have not been doing any checks on people travelling on Private Jets at the Airport.

Trouble at Durham Tees Valley Airport

On the 26th October 2009 I posted this on my tumblr blog:

How many people used Durham Tees Valley Airport’s train station in the last year?

This is a picture of the train station at my local regional airport Durham Tees Valley Airport.

Today I found out exactly how many people used the airport train station in the past year – how many do you think this was? 1,000? 10,000? 40,000? 100,000?

The answer?


Yes, thats right only 52 people used this station in the past year – thats an average of 1 person every week – and theres only 1 train per week that stops there.

This is the station that going to be part of the new ‘Tees Valley Metro’ system. On the plan they plan to have regular metro trains going to and from the airport station. Looking at the local train track network they could have decided to send all or some of the trains to my hometown (the current train track split into two with one going to my town and the other to the airport).

Under the current plans my nearest metro station would be a minimum of 15 minutes away in the car when the traffic is quiet.

I know where I would send the majority of the metro trains – to my hometown.

The figures in the first part of this blog post came from a report on BBC Look North, BBC ONE NE & Cumbria, 26th October 2009 6.30PM:

The plans for the metro have been given the go ahead and they are going to move the train station closer to the terminal building. They are also sending all the new metro trains to the Airport and none to the nearby market town – my hometown – Yarm.

The Airport is going through a massive decline with lots of routes being pulled by the likes of Ryanair – you can now only travel to Aberdeen, Southampton, Amsterdam and Palma (the latter only once a week during Summer). They are also charging passengers £8 to use the terminal. Theres even talk of reverting back to the old name of Teesside Airport and moving most of the RAF base near Northallerton to the airport as a way of keeping it open.

New Theme

After trying out quite a few different WordPress themes I have finally found one that I really like and want to stick with.

Im in the process of setting it all up and customizing it so expect that elements of the design could change.

As you can see I have inserted some adverts into the blog – currently for

Hope you like it!

My Websites

You may or may not know that is not my only website – ive been designing website on and off for over 10 years now and I have created many websites in that time. Ranging from my first website on aptly named ‘Keith Duffell’s Website’ to my longest running website Scout Forum UK ( Ive been involved in Scouting for 20 years now, since I was 6 and I created Scout Forum UK (then named Scout Forum) in 2003 (exact date unknown as I didnt write it down!!!) on a free forum site called After a few moves Scout Forum UK ended up on, again a free forum site where it remained until 31st July 2011 (at 10pm to be exact!) when the site moved to its present self hosted forum.

I am also busy setting up another Scouting related site for my Scout Group, 1st Ingleby Barwick using wordpress (the same software that this blog is on). The url will be

I have decided to take the plunge and say goodbye to my tumblr blog.  I started this blog in on 25th October 2009 after discovering tumblr and even though I havent done much blogging on it in that time, it introduced me to blogging. Tumblr is a fantastic platform for anyone looking to have a go and get into blogging.  Id like to thank tumblr and the team behind it for making a fantastic blogging site. I have purchased a domain name and some hosting and I am setting up a WordPress blog which is replacing this one which I will be no longer updating. Click on the link to visit my new blog – its a work in progress, it might not even be visible yet and the link might not be working yet so bookmark the link and keep checking back.

Bye bye tumblr-hosted blog! Hello self-hosted WordPress blog!