I have decided to take the plunge and say goodbye to my tumblr blog.  I started this blog in on 25th October 2009 after discovering tumblr and even though I havent done much blogging on it in that time, it introduced me to blogging. Tumblr is a fantastic platform for anyone looking to have a go and get into blogging.  Id like to thank tumblr and the team behind it for making a fantastic blogging site. I have purchased a domain name and some hosting and I am setting up a WordPress blog which is replacing this one which I will be no longer updating. Click on the link to visit my new blog – its a work in progress, it might not even be visible yet and the link might not be working yet so bookmark the link and keep checking back.

By | July 22, 2011

Bye bye tumblr-hosted blog! Hello self-hosted WordPress blog!

Welcome to KeithDuffell.com

By | July 21, 2011

Hi there and welcome to my brand new blog – KeithDuffell.com! This isn’t my first blog as I have been blogging using tumblr for the past 2 years. I decided to buy a domain name and some hosting and set up my own blog. I’ve never been a big blogger so don’t expect regular articles to be written… Read More »

First blog post for ages.

By | October 26, 2010

I havent blogged much recently (whoopsie!) – really should get round to doing it more oftain. This is to reasure you readers that I am still alive (apparently) so dont worry. Ive said it before, so ill say it again – I will try to blog more, hopefully, if I remember. Hopefully thats lowered your expectations of my blog,… Read More »


By | September 29, 2017

charlieroper: I recently launched a new online campaign called #EcoPledge. The idea is that alongside all your New Years Resolutions, you pledge something that you will do to be more green in 2010. I’ve been following the Copenhagen Conference over the past few weeks, more in detail than I did towards the lead up. We didn’t get the deal… Read More »